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We will never compromise on the quality of our products

Quality is the soul of Purely Essential products. We believe in using the purest and most potent plant compounds that are good for nourishing and healing your body. These highly concentrated volatile oils often contain between 100-200 different phytochemicals each and may be highly effective to restore your body's natural function. We combine our recipe with our 25+ years of accumulated knowledge & experience in the health industry throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand to give you the best.

Our Promise


Tried the Anti Aging serum and Hyaluronic + Vit C. Both fabulous products with excellent results. Would highly recommend.

I absolutely love using my Body Bliss Moisturiser, the texture is rich and the smell is Devine! The Hyaluronic+Vit C Face serum combined with the Anti-Aging Face serum have made such a difference to my skin. Fine lines have reduced significantly and my skin glows. I am so excited I have finally found my forever skincare range. Cant wait to try the Hair Spritz next.

Love the Revive &Thrive Hair Root Strengthener & Nutrient Booster ,i been searching for product for look after my scalp ,Beautiful product, Highly recommend .made my scalp and hair feel so happy

My daughter has been using the PURLEY ESSENTIAL Hypersensitiv Skin Rescue for about six months and it has transformed her skin. She had mild acne and dry patches which have totally cleared up and now her skin looks bright and clear. I can totally recommend this product. Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful product.

The After Shave Moisturizer smells great on my husband
My husband is over 60 and found care creams to be a waste and a woman's thing. I was able to convince him of the After-Shave of the care series even without much effort. I have to say that it just smells great on him. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anti Aging Serum- Best decision
I am still young but want to avoid first wrinkles, so I purchased Anti-Aging Serum. Best decision to use Purely Essential Anti Aging Serum - made my skin incredibly silky and soft and also balances sebum production. I am very happy with the product 😃 Highly recommended!!

Love It...
I am a devotee of the Anti-Aging face serum, as well as the hair and body products from Purely Essential. This face serum feels like a layer of golden magic going onto and into your skin. It also smells heavenly, so you even feel uplifted as you gently massage it onto your face. I am sure it works, as I often have comments about the glow or lustre of my skin, and it feels less dry - especially in these cold conditions.
All the products are also naturally derived, and you can feel that in the oils and gels themselves...no synthetic feel or smell.
...as I said 'Love it'.

Been using Purely Essential products since October 2019 -Highly recommended 😊

I have been using the Purely Essential Products since October 2019. I especially like the Anti Aging Serum and Body Bliss Oil and have experienced great results with these. I find the fine texture of the products absorbs rapidly and leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth and even and stays hydrated all day/night. I love that the products are organic and full of lots of goodness for my skin and have a lovely subtle smell. The gorgeous glass bottles not only look great they last well also.

I recently started to use the After shave moisturiser and after three weeks my shaving burn and the odd shaving rash sensitivity were completely gone. The roll on bottle applicator was simple to use and the purity and potency of the product was exactly as Claudia described. It worked. Thank you Claudia for launching terrific products within the skincare market that are NZ made, high grade organic and affordable. I really feel the Purity, Potency and Simplicity of the brands promise was truly delivered.