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About Us

Purely Essential is operating in the field of ‘Health/ Wellbeing & Beauty’ and was called into life to provide a more healthy, highly efficient therapeutic and cosmetic plant based solution to individuals, unwilling to daily ‘feeding’ their body with products full of damaging chemicals any longer! Claudia Sidhu founded Purely Essential with the mission to create high-quality, high-potency New Zealand handmade, organic products, using active compounds of medicinal plants (therapeutic-grade) that help to slow the natural aging process, as well as alleviate and manage people’s everyday discomforts.

This is where Claudia knew she could make a difference with the vision in mind to make use of her 25+ years of experience in the Health Industry in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, creating a safe, high-end product line, that is incredibly effective and at the same time doesn’t break the bank. ‘Good doesn’t always mean expensive’.

Purely Essential

Our Story

Claudia spent her career in health / beauty industry and she had seen it many times over that most people do want to use good quality/healthy products, but it often ends at the high price tag such goods come with.

From this, an inner desire ignited within her to create and provide incredibly effective products, made from healthy quality ingredients that originate from the surrounding where people are living and that would be affordable for everyone!  She was convinced that ‘good’ wouldn’t necessarily always mean expensive.  

What followed was quitting her longtime, well paying job, heading back to University and successfully completing a ‘Postgrad in Business’ within a year and taking a hiatus in her birth country Germany for three months, gathering ideas and information on how to bring something to life that would benefit heaps of people for the love of helping them, to source a locally, handmade cosmetic & therapeutic solution, made from certified organic ingredients for individuals unwilling to daily feeding their body with products full of damaging chemicals any longer! This is where her new journey began…

Claudia loves New Zealand with its pure nature and laid back people and she made Auckland her home back in 2010 after some beautiful years in Christchurch. She is very much involved in her community and helps out pro bono in various capacities, whenever she has a bit of spare time.