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Microscopic Hair Scan

Posted by Claudia Sidhu on
Microscopic Hair Scan

Professional Hair Scan Available

Purely Essential is proud to offer a new service called 'Microscopic Hair Scan' (Trichoscopy) as a gentle and quick way of evaluating your hair for a possible decline in visible hair density (thinning) and miniaturization of the hair follicle (weak and shrinking hair roots)  that can often be progressive if overlooked and untreated and subsequently lead to receding of the frontal, the vertex and the hairline around the temples, in both male and female. It takes only 20-30 minutes for having peace of mind about 'what is going on on top of your head'.  

We will offer this hair scan service on certain dates (TBA) at one of our stockists at a cost of $45. The technician uses a sophisticated microscope that will show you how many hairs are growing out of the same pore and how close together they are, if there are any gaps and if your scalp shows any dandruff or oiliness or even fungus or eczema and, if problems are detected, how far advanced the hair loss has become and if it needs hair loss treatment. The scan itself will be around 20 minutes and the consultant will check 

1. Health and condition of the scalp at the time of the scan
2. If there are any situations preventing the new growth of hair (dandruff, oiliness, itchiness, eczema, folliculitis, alopecia areata, etc.)
3. The density of the current hair (how many hairs are growing out of each follicle. Is it 1/2/3 or 4 hair)?
4. Evaluation of stage of hair loss. How severe? What class on the 'Norwood Scale' for men/ 'Ludwig Scale' for women does it match?  
5. Future outlook, thorough explanation, and the solution on how to get back a  healthy head of hair!

Please email us on contact@purelyessential.co.nz for scheduled dates for hair scans and we will get back to you.