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Did You Know You Can Anti-Age Your Hair and Literally Rejuvenate It?

Posted by Claudia Sidhu on
Did You Know You Can Anti-Age Your Hair and Literally Rejuvenate It?

We all know that our skin can easily give away our age if not looked after early on and maintained with a proper skincare regime, but did you know that our hair can reveal just as easily the years we have been on this planet?

There are numerous changes that take place in our body internal and external as our years accumulate and the aging process transpires. These are at first very subtle changes often starting as early as mid-to end 20s, such as hair being not as bouncy and shiny, but more dry and frizzy. This has in the first instance to do with our scalp and how much oil it might or might not produce to make the hair look and feel smooth and glossy. As we age, the production of these natural oils decrease, resulting in less sheen, more dry and brittle hair that sometimes can look frizzy and fly away. However, the opposite can just be as well the case, where the sebaceous gland produces too much oil, leaving a film-like coating on the scalp and roots that can look sticky and unclean and as a result often lead to increased hair loss and receding of the hairline due to a waste product called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT ) that is contained in the sebum. While the hair goes through its normal cycle of growth and shedding, DHT miniaturises the hair follicles so the hair becomes thinner and shorter with the growing phase not lasting as long as usual anymore. In men this is called 'male pattern baldness', for females it can present as a thinning on the front and crown, resulting in less hair density and seeing more of the scalp through the hair. This is known as 'female pattern baldness'.

Another sign of aging hair is, greys appearing on the regrowth of the roots with the grey hair appearing more ‘wiry’ and dull. Although greying has to do with the reduction of the melanocytes (pigments) that produce the color in our hair, by using a good hair loss treatment that is feeding our hair roots with nutrients and enhancing the micro-circulation that transports the nutrients to the capillaries, we can indeed rejuvenate and anti-age our hair in reality and delay therefore the aging process, oftentimes by years!  Even if the hair texture and density has changed, it is possible to revive the hair back to a beautiful and healthy look again.

To achieve and support this hair-rejuvenation process and to tackle these problems, we have designed a 100% natural, simple to use and potent solution. One that works from the first application its way into the system and gently purifies, cools, and soothes the scalp, while supporting the hair follicles with the nutrients needed for improving the hair structure from the inside out. We named it 'Purely Essential Revive & Thrive Hair Spritz'. We have used therapeutic-grade quality extracts of Lavender, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Thyme, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Peppermint, Juniper, and Aloe Vera, to help boost and strengthen the hair roots and encourage healthy youthful growth.  It is an easy to spray-on solution that is rubbed into the entire scalp until absorbed. People report an instant cooling sensation that feels clean and pure, as well as hair that is easy to style without the need for daily shampooing. In fact, we recommend shampooing only once to twice per week with a chemical-free shampoo, and allow the Revive & Thrive Hair Spritz to deliver rejuvenating and anti-aging nutrients deep down to the hair roots where they will boost strengthening and recovery as well as slowing down the hair loss, reducing scalp itchiness, balancing the oil-producing glands in the scalp, soothing sensitive scalps and help prevent flaking. On top of this the Revive & Thrive supports  improvement of  the micro-circulation and the increase and strengthening of new hair follicles if regular (daily) application is followed.

Apart from this, here are some useful tips on helping to up-date and anti-age your hair, such as

  1. Ruling out any medical issues or getting them treated
  2. Getting the right hair cut and hairstyle suiting your type and personality
  3. Choosing a nutritious diet and supplementing with vitamins and minerals if needed
  4. Moisturising hair with an oil mask once a fortnight
  5. Gently brushing hair using the right tools
  6. Staying away from chemical-laden products and using heat sparingly (hairdryer) 
  7. If colouring hair, use more natural hair-dyes

These little tips in combination with our Purely Essential Revive & Thrive Hair Spritz can make a world of difference in sporting strong, healthy, and youthful hair while delaying natural aging!


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